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Public Skate Host Signup

TCAHA is updating the registration process for public skate  fundraisers.  All registration will be done through an online form on this website.  We will open registration for public skates Thursday, October 16 at 9 am.  Initially each team will be allowed to select only one date on a first come, first serve basis.  After two weeks, teams will be allowed to select a second date from those that remain (if any).  The online form will remain available until all weekends have been taken. Additional public skate dates may be added.

Please make sure you initially register for only one public skate date.  If your team registers for two or more public skates during the first two weeks, all dates will be eliminated and you will have to wait until everyone else has had a chance to pick a single date. 

Teams must also have a primary sponsor before they can host a public skate.  We will check and choose another team if your team does not have a primary sponsor 1 week prior to your selected date.

Here is the link to the online registration form:  http://assn.la/UserForm.asp?RegID=71263&org=tcaha.com.  You can also find this form under the Registration tab on the website.

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Team Pictures October 23 @ TRAC
  Team Photography Schedule
  5:00  PM  BP
  5:20 PM  Mite 6U - Linhoff
  5:30 PM  Mite 6U - Mast
  5:40 PM  Mite 6U - Kelly
  5:50 PM  Mite 6U - Owen
  6:00 PM  Mite 8U - Carpenter
  6:10 PM  Mite 8U - Ellingsen
  6:20 PM  Mite 8U - Hammond
  6:30 PM  Squirt Rep - Banning
  6:40 PM  PeeWee Rep - Anderson
  6:50 PM  Mite 8U - Comstock
  7:00 PM  Mite 8U - Jackson
  7:10 PM  Squirt - Waldo
  7:20 PM  Squirt - Osborne
  7:30 PM  Squirt - Haggerty
  7:40 PM  Bantam Rep - Richardson
  7:50 PM  Squirt - Maitland
  8:00 PM  PeeWee - Miller
  8:10 PM  Midget Rep - Jones
  8:20 PM  PeeWee - Schienbein
  8:30 PM  PeeWee - Hedger
  8:40 PM  Bantam - Olsson
  8:50 PM  Bantam - Johnson
  9:00 PM  Midget - Pierone

Our TCAHA team pictures are scheduled for Thursday, October 23 at TRAC between 5 and 9 pm. Every team must get their picture taken and fill out a packet, regardless of whether or not they are purchasing pictures. Teams should wear their blue jerseys and socks. 

If your time doesn't work for your team, you can work with other Team Managers (whose contact emails are on their team page) to see if they can swap times with you.  If you swap, you must notify our Association Team Managers, and .

Hard copies of the picture packets will be distributed next week.  Below is an electronic copy for your information.

2014 TCAHA Team Picture Packet


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App Available for Team Schedule &More

Mobile App for TCAHA Website

For Parents and Players

  • View your team's schedule to track practice and game changes.
  • View league and club news to keep up-to-date with new events.
  • Get directions to facilities and see nearby amenities like coffee shops and pizza.
  • View pictures uploaded to your club's website.
  • Access contact information for coaches and team managers.
  • Check game results and scores, as well as team stats.

For Coaches and Admins

  • Add games and practices to team schedules.
  • Open and close facilities immediately. When closed, an optional notice can be sent to all affected members.
  • Communicate with your teams. Send emails and text messages from your mobile device to each of your rosters.
  • Access roster information and player contact details.
  • View RSVPs for upcoming events to see if all of your players can make it to the big game.
  • Enter game results and track stats in real-time.



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Trunk-Or-Treat with the Outlaws


Friday, October 31 - 5 to 7 pm

Toyota Arena


The Tri-City Outlaws will be hosting a Trunk-or-Treat event in the Toyota Arena parking lot prior to their home game. 

  • Over 20+ Cars will be decorated and handing out candy
  • Game On! Mobile Video Game Theater will be there and providing free gaming

At 7 pm the Tri-City Outlaws will be taking on the Bellingham Blazers inside the Arena.

  • Every patron will get a slice of free Papa John’s Pizza with a purchase of a $7 game ticket
  • Disney characters will be available for photos inside the Arena during the game

Join us for this great family event offering plenty of entertainment on Halloween night so you won’t need to go anywhere else to get your candy fix! 

For tickets, contact the Outlaws at 509-551-8260 or go to www.tcoutlawshockey.com for more information


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House Age Group Coordinators Needed

TCAHA is currently in need of Age Group Coordinators (AGC) for our BP, Mite, Squirt, and Midget house age groups and is accepting nominations.  If the prior AGC is not continuing, the new AGCs are chosen by the Head Coaches of their division following the drafts.  But we need volunteer nominations! This is a very important volunteer position in our organization that helps us run more efficiently.  


Below is more information on the AGC position from our TCAHA Handbook.  

3.4.2   Backup

If for any reason the Division/Age Group Coordinator is unavailable, he/she shall appoint a Head Coach from within the division to serve as his/her temporary replacement.

3.4.3   Qualifications

The Division/Age Group Coordinator  should possess good communication skills, and must be generally accessible (Email, fax, etc. desirable) to coordinate division issues and resolve problems.

3.4.4   Responsibilities

  • Attend regular meetings and serve as a voting member on TCAHA Coaching Committee.
  • Hold meetings of the division coaches as needed to administer activities in the division.
  • Facilitate communications between the coaches in the division and the Coaching Committee.
  • Assist with the identification and selection of coaches for the division and other decisions associated with coaches in the division.  Ensure that coaches and on-ice helpers have the appropriate insurance and coaching credentials.
  • Assist coaches in the division with adhering to all rules and regulations of USA Hockey, PNAHA, and TCAHA.
  • Be the point of contact for scheduling issues and requests for teams in the division.
  • Assist the Scheduling Committee to ensure that an equal number of games are played between the teams in the division (applicable only to Recreation divisions, and only to association provided ice time).
  • Assist the Scheduling Committee with monthly ice schedule reconciliation for teams in the division to account for trades, cancelled ice, etc.  Notify the Scheduling Committee as soon as possible if scheduled ice will not be used to allow the Scheduling Committee the opportunity to find others that can use the ice, per the ice cancellation policy in Section 7 of this handbook.
  • Assist in the coordination of tournament and weekend game opportunities (i.e., travel requiring overnight stay) to assure equity between teams in the division.  Assist teams with tournament applications.
  • Obtain approval from the Scheduling Committee before allowing teams to commit to tournaments or other weekend travel.  This prevents scheduling conflicts (applicable only to Recreation divisions).
  • Be the secondary point of contact (after the coaches) for disciplinary or complaint actions associated with players, coaches or parents in the division.  
  • Coordinate the administration of the division tryouts or evaluations.
  • Coordinate the placement of a player, who registers after the draft and/or team selection along with all coaches in said age group.
  • Preside at the draft and coordinate with the attending Board Representative to ensure that all decisions made during the draft are fair for all teams and consistent with TCAHA rules and regulations pertaining to player distribution.
  • Attend other games within the division when possible.  This will provide the coordinator with the ability to self-assess any situations that may require reports to the Association committees or disciplinary action.
  • Attend Team Managers Committee meetings.
  • Assist the registrar with obtaining copies of score sheets for all home and away games.
  • Coordinate that division’s tournament(s) planning.

by posted 10/07/2014

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